Recording Options

Listed below are some options to simultaneously capture audio and screen-shared slides. If you do not know how to access or use recording software, find tutorials online, experiment, and ask your colleagues. As theorists, you are especially equipped for this task!


If you have access to a Zoom Pro account through your home institution, we highly recommend using the Zoom client to record a meeting with yourself. Zoom’s support center provides basic information about using Zoom, but not that much about recording yourself. Better instructions can be found on YouTube and on many Universities’ IT sites.

Mac Quicktime

To insert a thumbnail video, see

MS Powerpoint or Windows Game DVR

1. A Powerpoint quirk is that you must choose “Export” to mp4 rather than “Save as”.

2. Windows 10 also has a built-in tool to record your display with Game DVR. See

OBS Studio

If none of the options above are available to you, we recommend OBS Studio, a popular, free, and multiplatform tool: A good users guide can be found at